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Charles M. Perou, PhD

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, USA


Dr. Perou is currently Distinguished Professor of Genetics and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at UNC School of Medicine, where he has been faculty since 2000. He is also the Faculty Co-Director of the LCCC Bioinformatics Group and Co-Director of the LCCC Breast Cancer Research Program. He has authored nearly 300 peer-reviewed articles, and he routinely publishes in top-tier journals such as Nature, JNCI, JAMA, JCI, etc. His research crosses the disciplines of genomics, cancer research, bioinformatics and clinical care. His major contribution to the field has been in the characterization of the diversity of tumors, beginning first in breast cancer and more recently extending to lung cancer. His current work is focused on bringing genomic assays into the everyday cancer clinic to make improvements in personalized patient care. He has received many awards and honors, such as the Jill Rose Award for Distinguished Biomedical Research from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction and the Danaher Scientific & Medical Award from the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the AACR Outstanding Investigator Award for Breast Cancer Research, and recognition by Thomson Reuters as among the most highly cited researchers (top 1% in clinical medicine). He is an inventor many USA patents, and he has co-founded two genomics-based biotechnology companies (BioClassifier LLC, and GeneCentric Diagnostics).

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