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Christos Hatzis, PhD

Yale Cancer Center, USA


Dr. Hatzis has 20 years of experience in senior research and management roles in biocomputational techniques, systems biology modeling, genomic analysis and clinical diagnostics. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and held several senior research roles in the biotechnology industry. He has been the co-founder of two start-up companies specializing in bioinformatics tools development and in clinical diagnostics. Dr. Hatzis had been an active member of the Biostatistics committee of FDA's Microarray QC program, co-investigator on the NCI Cancer Biospecimen Integrity program and co-investigator on several studies by Breast Cancer Foundations. Among his most significant contributions are the co-development with colleagues from MD Anderson of the RCB index, a continuous index of residual disease in breast cancer, and the development of a gene-expression based prognostic signature for patients treated with standard chemotherapy that accounts for phenotypic differences and integrates endocrine sensitivity, and chemotherapy response and resistance endpoints. Dr. Hatzis continues to be involved in the design of biomarker validation clinical studies and development of strategies for translating genomic diagnostic assays to clinical practice. His current research interests focus on developing methods to characterize the genetic and molecular heterogeneity of breast cancer subtypes and the implications it might have on response and resistance to treatment. A key area of interest is to develop methodology that integrates genomic level information of individual patients to lead to more focused treatment decisions tailored for the individual tumor. Dr. Hatzis is serving as academic editor on biomarker journals, has been a reviewer on NCI and NSF panes and is serving as ad-hoc reviewer on several bioinformatics and clinical journals. 

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